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Divorce Mediation For New Yorkers

Collaborative Divorce

In a traditional contested divorce, spouses hire lawyers to outmaneuver each other and “win” their divorce. This adversarial process frequently exaggerates disputes rather than solving them. Litigation drastically increases the cost of divorce, drags out the case, and often creates hostility and resentments that often come to the surface later. Collaborative divorce is a fairly new process which takes the confrontations and tricks out of the equation. Similar to pre-suit mediation, the collaborative divorce process is voluntary and is geared toward an out-of-court settlement. Unlike pre-suit mediation, you have a lawyer at your side throughout the process to explain every step and protect your interests. Attorney William J. Leininger has 42 years experience as a Divorce attorney. He has been a member of the New York Bar for 45 years, and has practiced  in both New York and  Florida as a Collaborative Divorce lawyer. He handles many divorce cases involving substantial assets, businesses, professional practices, and Civil Service pensions.  However since Mr. Leininger relocated his Staten Island law office to Florida on November 1, 2020, he cannot act as a Collaborative Lawyer in New York divorce cases. He is, however, available to act as a Legal Consultant on your case and can advise you whether Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Divorce or traditional Divorce litigation would be best for you. If you are interested, please note that we do not offer a Free initial consultation on Collaborative Divorce matters, but we do offer a reduced fee Initial Consultation on such cases, namely $150 for a 30 minute videoconsultation..