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Divorce Mediation on Staten Island

**We are proud to announce that our 37th annual Free Divorce Workshop was held at our Law Office on Saturday, January 31, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. If you missed it call our office for a free CD Rom of a past Divorce Workshops! This seminar is called "9 Ways to Reduce the Pain and Expense of Divorce". Topics include how alimony and child support are calculated, how custody and visitation are determined, how assets like the house, civil service pensions, 401k plans, etc. are split in divorce, how to select the correct divorce attorney, alternatives to divorce litigation such as Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, and much more!**

Since 1994, we have worked with many couples going through the divorce process. We believe that divorce mediation can help you and your spouse dissolve your marriage with dignity and with as little harmful effects as possible on you and any children of the marriage.

Mr. Leininger’s 36 years of Family Law experience has shown how easily a family problem can spiral out of control when people rush to court and how much damage can be done to everyone in the family when that happens. Divorce mediation offers you another option - let us help you find another way to resolve your family law issues. Please take a few minutes to review the practical information and helpful hints contained on this website.

As impartial mediators, we can help you and your partner resolve everything you might have taken up in court through meaningful, productive conversations with one another. We will not taken anyone’s side, nor be anyone’s lawyer, but we will discuss with you how the legal process might handle your issues if you chose to go to court. We will help you focus on what you need to resolve in order to move forward with your life and we will share with you how other couples have handled similar problems. When you create your own solution, tailor-made for your own family, we will then prepare a proposed Settlement Agreement for the two of you.


Separation and divorce are among the most painful and disruptive events an individual and family can experience. The problems are both financial and emotional, deeply touching all members of the family.

Mediation aims at reducing this tension, not increasing it! With the help of the mediator, couples negotiate their own settlement and learn the techniques for resolving future differences. Mediation is for couples who want to retain control over the decisions that affect their lives and don't want their children caught in the middle.

Our mediators are available in the early evenings and on Saturdays if necessary, so that you won't have to lose time from work to attend your mediation sessions!

What issues are addressed?

  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Division of Marital Assets
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Tax Implications

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

  • Make your own decisions.
  • Private and Confidential.
  • Facilitates long-term communication.
  • Promotes cooperation and consensus.
  • Benefits children by reducing conflict.
  • Agreements are tailored to participants' needs.
  • Saves time & money.

Mediation is not just for couples who already know how to cooperate! Divorce Mediators show people how to work together productively in spite of their anger!

During mediation other professional services are sometimes needed. Our office maintains a wide network of consulting experts including accountants, financial planners, pension experts, career counselors, psychologists and social workers.

If Divorce Mediation sounds like a better alternative than expensive and emotionally damaging litigation in court, why not call our office at (718) 979-5200 and schedule a 30 minute Divorce Mediation Orientation session. The cost is only $150, and if you and your spouse hire us within 30 days, we will even refund the $150 fee! What have you got to lose? And remember, no one will pressure you to decide right on the spot whether you wish to hire our firm as your Divorce Mediator! To the contrary, we will encourage you and your spouse to go home and think it over!


If your matter is important, call now for an immediate appointment!

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