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Divorce Mediation For New Yorkers

Required Reading for those interested in Divorce Mediation

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Before our office will schedule an Introductory Divorce Mediation Session, both the Husband and the Wife must read background information about the Divorce Mediation process. The reason is simple. The Introductory Session only lasts 30 minutes. If a person came to this Introductory Session knowing nothing about the process, they would not understand what was happening or what the Mediator was talking about. To avoid a situation where one spouse has read up on Divorce Mediation and the other spouse has not, our office not even schedule the Introductory Session until each spouse confirms to our secretary that he or she has read this background information. To display this required reading, simply click the link at the top or bottom of this page. You may wish to either read the information on the computer screen, or print it out on your printer. After reading this background information about the Divorce Mediation process, ask your spouse if they too think it makes sense to schedule the 30 minute Introductory Session. If so, each of you should call our office at 718-979-5200 to schedule the Free Introductory Mediation Session. In a few days, you and your spouse will then meet Mr. Leininger via Zoom videoconferece.  At the conclusion of that 30 minute session, you will be urged to think it over. NO ONE WILL PRESSURE YOU TO HIRE OUR FIRM! If the both of you jointly decide to hire our firm and begin the Divorce Mediation process, you will then call our office and schedule the first session. At that first session, you will pay the $2,500 Divorce Mediation retainer deposit which we will deposit into our firm’s Escrow Account.

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